It's a Pumpkin Party & You're Invited!
September 26, 2018

It's a Pumpkin Party & You're Invited!


I'll be honest, pumpkin isn't my all-time favorite flavor.  However, these recipes make me a pumpkin fan! The waffles are by far my FAVORITE and I will be making these all. year. long.  The doughnut recipe is scrumptious too -- I made them in my mini bundt pan and loved the results! They're really pumpkin-y, but the glaze tones it down to just the right amount. They were even better the next morning heated up for a few seconds! I can't take credit for either of these recipes, because when I find one that's great as is...who am I to alter it? I'll just share it instead!  :) 

Pumpkin Spice Waffles:

Seriously, you NEED to make these waffles! Like...this weekend. Or today!  I don't say things like that often...but these are that good! I cut the recipe in half and subbed all the milk for 2% and they were still delicious. I also omitted the clove since I'm not a fan and just did a sprinkle of ginger instead of the whole amount. I'm sure the recipe as written is perfect...but I didn't have whole milk and I didn't have time to do the buttermilk (#lateforfacebooklive). I topped these beauties with our candied pecans from our pecan party and a little syrup! Even my anti-pumpkin Mama LOVED these! I gave them 5 stars, but would give them 6 if I could! :) 

You can find the recipe from Just a Taste here!

Pumpkin Spice Cake Donuts:


I love a good donut -- or doughnut. But I love my mini bundt pan too! I decided to try this recipe in my new pan and they turned out great! I sprayed baking spray into the pan, put the streusel in the bottom and they came out without sticking! Super easy and cute...perfect for fall! Don't skip the glaze - it definitely takes them up a notch! Here's the recipe

Now, excuse me while I go dream of pumpkin waffles and fold our Pumpkin Ts that we showcased last night! If you'd like one, you can grab one from our fall collection here

Happy Pumpkin Season, friends!