Welcome! Thanks for stopping by!  Pull of a seat and sit a spell...we would love to welcome you into our Crossing 413 family! 

Because all of our pieces are handmade with love, they are truly one-of-a-kind…just like you! This means no two pieces are identical and not one is “perfect.” No machinery is involved in our production, so we like to think all of the “imperfections” are part of the beauty and character of our brand.

Many of our pieces follow a step-by-step process...so start with picking out your pattern, then choose your favorite shape.  Once you have your foundation, pick a letter if you'd like. Finally decide on your finish - antiqued and polished or natural and shiny.  While this custom process offers a wide variety of options, we believe in letting you pick your details and making it to your specifications. While there are a wide variety of options, we don't want you to feel overwhelmed...we want you to feel empowered to create something beautiful! 

It is our hope that every time you wear your creation, you will always be reminded that you are fearfully and wonderfully made by the Creator of the Universe.  He not only knows your name, but He loves you more than you can fathom - and so do we.  So as we say in the South, "we're sure glad to have you."  

Shape Chart