Our Patterns

All of our patterns are original designs inspired by their namesake.  Regardless of which pattern speaks to you, rest assured all of these ladies are remarkable women - strong and beautiful. Some are still with us, others have gone on to be with the good Lord, but either way, I am excited to share their untold stories with you!  Keep checking back as more patterns will make their appearance with each season!   

Ella - My Mama

There is no better friend than a Mama…and there’s no better Mama than mine. Well, maybe I’m partial, but still, she’s pretty amazing. As a matter of fact, there are no words to adequately describe how blessed I am.  She is one of the most selfless people I know and always puts the needs of others before her own. To really know her, is to love her…and to love her is to realize that her beauty radiates from the inside out. She taught me to love Jesus first and my family second. She has encouraged me when I was weary and reminded me that humility is a treasure. She has picked me up when I have fallen and celebrated the success of ventures I was only brave enough to share with her.  They say, "like mother, like daughter" and I can only hope this is true. This pattern is full of fun and whimsy, but is still refined and pretty - just like my mama. 

Marie - My Nanny

Named after my maternal grandmother, this pattern is super special to my heart. After battling cancer – twice – my sweet nanny is one of the strongest people I know. At the age of 81, she is still battling cancer, but thanks to the good Lord, she is doing better than anyone ever imagined possible. She never leaves the house without her makeup on and her hair done…and it’s not unusual for us to end up with the same purse. I like to think style is timeless and ageless, and runs in our family.  :) Growing up, her table was home to the best Sunday dinners. After all, she could make a gourmet meal with just leftovers in the icebox. I'll never forget the summer we set out to find the best buttermilk biscuit recipe together or the smell of her cinnamon rolls coming out of the oven. Her faith is inspiring and love for Jesus is evident - not just because of her words, but because of her actions. She's the glue that holds our family together - a jewel of a lady - and precious beyond belief. 

Pris - My Granny 

My Granny Pris has always been a kindred spirit. She was the first person who taught me to paint, and let’s be honest…make the best banana milkshake ever. Many summer afternoons of my childhood were spent at her table making something. She’s a creative soul with such a sweet spirit. Her belief that desserts taste better when they look pretty has forever been engrained in my heart. I like to think I got my creative streak from her. It's not unusual to find her working a crossword puzzle at midnight or mopping her floor in the wee hours of the morning, so I suppose her night owl tendencies rubbed off on me a bit too.  She is kind, patient and easy-going and never gets her feathers ruffled - also traits I hope to one day emulate. When she isn't working on a puzzle, she can often be found working in her flower beds or crocheting her latest masterpiece.  Her crocheted doilies are stunning and I tried to replicate their light, airy, lace-like allure in this pattern. 

Elsie - My Great Grandmother

Elsie, better known as Doodle, was my Nanny’s (Marie's) mother. Doodle was a feisty lady who graced this earth with her presence until she was 92. She ate grits (with butter) every night for supper and hid her favorite chocolates in her pajama drawer (you're welcome for the tip). Her mind was sharp as a tack and to this day, I can see her sitting in her wheelchair pointing her crooked finger at me while she giggled like a school girl. I miss her more every day and am so thankful I was able to spend so much of my childhood getting to know her. (On a side note, Doodle made the best fried chicken - and I do mean the BEST.  Unfortunately, no one in my family can replicate it...which is why "Mastering Doodle-quality Fried Chicken" is an actual item on my list of things to master.  I have a feeling it won't ever happen, but even if I can get in the ball park, I'll count it as a success!) This is a simple pattern, but relieves beautifully on almost every shape. This was one of the first patterns I started using, and have since designed a new version to have a more whimsical feel that reminds me even more of her. 

GranG - My Great Grandmother - Pattern Coming Soon

Granny G has a very special place in my heart. My nanny, and her mother-in-law, both happen to have shared the name "Marie" which was always fun.  Granny G had a love for cooking and baking for her family.  I distinctly remember staring eye-level at her buffet filled with extravagant Christmas goodies.  Although she may not have been wealthy by earthly standards, she had a way of making everything look and everyone feel special.  Her hair was always fixed and nails always polished, even if she didn't have anywhere to go.  She loved watching "wrastlin" and could make a 12-layer chocolate cake that was so pretty, it'd make you want to cry.  She was tough as nails and gentle as they come. She always had a bowl of strawberry candies sitting on her coffee table and her quilts were simply stunning. I've taken inspiration from her quilt creations and designed a quilted motif reminiscent of her artwork that will be launching soon!

Evelyn - My Great Aunt

Aunt Evelyn, better known as MawMaw, was my Granny's (Pris's) sister.  Growing up, she would come visit our family business and sit a spell every morning.  She exuded Southern sweetness, but she had a sense of humor too.  When I think of her, I think of her delicious pound cake and crisp white curls.  She was an accomplished seamstress and was always loving on people.  She also loved her plants and this leafy pattern reminds me of her green thumb.  

Other patterns coming soon - Rhoda, Pearl & Helen Belle

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