Grab Bag Sale - 5 for $55 (Please read entire listing)

This listing is for the adventurous soul! We have a good assortment of odd and end pieces in various sizes that we're moving out to make room for spring -- and you can "grab" them on a huge sale + FREE SHIPPING.

You will receive FIVE (5) shirts. The designs you receive will be a SURPRISE and we CANNOT guarantee you will not receive something you haven't already purchased. Holiday items (Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, etc.) *may* or *may not* be included -- and you may even snag ALL Christmas goodies - again, there is no guarantee. 

Some tiny imperfections (such as a tiny ink spot on the inside of a shirt) may exist; however, all have been deemed wearable -- ALL SALES ARE FINAL -- no refunds, exchanges will be accepted. (However, if you receive items with something noticeably wrong, please reach out -- these are all in perfect or near perfect condition, so if they aren't, it's because we missed something. If that's the case, we will absolutely make it right!)

Lastly, select GRAB BAG SHIPPING at checkout for free shipping! :) 

Thanks for helping us do some spring cleaning -- we hope you ENJOY! :) 

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