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Named after my Nanny Marie (Nanny Ree), these sweet staple earrings were inspired by something completely random - her pot trivets.  I can distinctly remember watching a plate piled high with the piping hot pot roast and pots brimming full of lima beans being placed before me - and being set on a pair of ornate brass trivets. These fond memories of Sunday dinners and birthday suppers hold a special place in my heart. Her table was full of love - from the food she prepared, to the hands we held to say the prayer. It's funny how such seemingly random, insignificant things can leave an imprint in our mind and evoke such feelings of nostalgia.  Every time I see those brass trivets, I can practically smell roast and gravy - and now, every time I see these earrings, I feel the same way..., now, someone pass the cornbread. 

Each pair is handcrafted fine silver and individually made. Intricate details are unique to each pair - so no two (even within the set) will be identical.