Strawberry Build-A-Basket

Size Guide

Strawberry season is here and we've got covered with our festive gear! With our Strawberry Build-A-Basket, you can customize your look whatever your style! 

PLEASE read carefully -- ALL baskets feature our original Handcrafted Strawberry Pendant (in fine silver) on an adjustable 16-18" sterling silver chain.  This little beauty is full of character from top to bottom! The leafy calyx is hand-drawn and each seed is individually placed making each piece truly one-of-a-kind, just like any other Florida strawberry

To accompany your Strawberry Pendant, choose which shirt you prefer -- or add both using the BOTH option! 

Ordering Instructions:

Item will show "Out of Stock" if variants are not properly selected.  

-To order ONE shirt, please select your size from the dropdown menu next to the design of your choice. Then, select NONE in the other two drop down menus.  

-If you'd prefer to order BOTH shirts, next to the variant "BOTH" - please select your desired size. Then, select NONE in both of the other drop down menus. 

If you have any questions, let us know! 


Shirts are both super soft triblends with soft ink.  

Florida Sweet: Our Florida Sweet Strawberry T pays tribute to the sweetest berries hailing from our state. A hand drawn red strawberry printed on a light pink triblend T features "Florida Sweet" scripted across the front with our Crossing 413 logo at the top of the back. 

Local:  Designed specifically for the "Winter Strawberry Capital," Plant City, this design features the hand drawn word "Local" printed in a soft white ink on the front of a red triblend T.  The back features original strawberry artwork that pays tribute to the "Winter Strawberry Capital" and the people who call it home!

Special thanks to some of my dearest friends who are "the locals" who helped make this design possible, too!